Who are we?

Welcome to OUR new blog!!!

Lets start off with a simple introduction: My name is Hayley and my other half is Ovidiu. After 7 months of crazy adventures, creating memorable experiences and basically getting to know each other more and more, we have decided to document our life together as we go forward into the future!! We hope you get to know us more and more as you keep reading this blog, watching our videos (Spoiler…youtube channel coming soon!!), and following @LiveFreeLiveaJourney on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!! (COMING SOON!)

THIS IS US!! One of our first dates in Costa Maya, Mexico!

On the 26th March 2017 (we are not 100% sure on the date as we met during the night time…I will explain how we met in a later blog post) an English girl and a Romanian guy met on a cruise ship. Sounds so glamorous and we would love to say it began as a holiday romance but….no! The cruise ship is our home and workplace but we wouldn’t have it any other way. 8 months on we have learned so much about each other, created many memories and have decided to document our life as we follow our passion of travelling together…….plus everything else in-between.


Hayley & Ovidiu

“Live Free, Live a Journey”

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