Ochos Rios, Jamaica 2016

Well two of the places I fell in love with during the holiday I went on in December 2016 (see post “My Year of Travel 2016“) was Ochos Rios (Spanish for ‘Eight Rivers’) in Jamaica and Grand Cayman Island, the largest of the three Cayman Islands. In addition to the fact they are both beautiful places, the adventures I experienced were incredible plus it was my first time in either of these places. Definitely on my bucket list to return to both and create further memorable experiences. Check out my Grand Cayman 2016 blog post here.

Ochos Rios, Jamaica

Jamaica has always been a place I have wanted to visit but to be honest I didn’t know what to expect. All I knew about Jamaica was:

  • The sporting legends that come from the place including Usain Bolt, Asafa Powell, Veronica Campbell- Brown, Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce and the Jamaican Netball Team who I have seen play.
  • The Jamaican National Bobsleigh team who made their debut in the 1988 Winter Olympics…. go and check out the movie “Cool Runnings”!
  • The Top Models Naomi Campbell, Tyson Beckford and Grace Jones.
  • The music…so obviously Bob Marley.

So lets just say my knowledge of Jamaica as far as what the country was li15542323_898454456958832_4471334978583323673_n_fotorke is fairly limited. Unfortunately my GoPro wasn’t charged when I visited this place (Gutted!!!) but I was able to take some photos with my phone during my visit but these don’t really capture what it was like….especially going up the Mystic Mountain.

1. River Dunns Waterfalls

First stop was the River Dunns Waterfalls (Dunns River) which was so fun to do! We had our own small group, our water shoes on and our friendly leader who took us up the water falls….we were ready to go! The leaders were so good, they really made the experience by helping us out and having a good laugh. As we went up the water falls we could look out to the incredible beach behind us looking over the clear, blue water…and it was extremely clear blue! The whole experience probably took just an hour, maybe slightly over so it wasn’t too long but I wouldn’t recommend if you have any injuries as sometimes it was a steep climb with high pressured water coming at you…you could easily lose your balance but you was in safe hands. Even though it is a waterfall I am pretty sure as a tourist attraction some of it has been man-made to avoid being too unsafe. Below is a video that the leader took when going up the waterfall to show you what it was like. Hope you enjoy!

Or click here…Dunns River Falls

2. Mystic Mountain

Next stop was the Mystic Mountain Rainforest (Mystic Mountain) and this was the place to come to get awesome views. The way you get up the mountain is by the Sky Explorer which is a state-of-the-art chairlift…not any kind of chair lift though, one that goes through and above the tree tops of the rainforest at 700 feet. You can see views for miles including the ships that are docked…a peaceful, relaxing ride hearing the nature around.


Once you reach the top there are some small stalls and a place for food and drink. It is a small village at the top of rainforest! Crazy! The activities you can do include:

  • Bobsled: This is a ride that uses gravity to go through the rainforest on a bobsled!!
  • Zip-line: You can take a zip-line to different platforms through the rainforest.

All I did was the Bobsled and I did not know what to expect as when people go from the top you can’t see them. Well….as a person who hates rides with a massive fear….it was freaking fast!!! You can slow the bobsleigh down with a break but the gravity was so strong I couldn’t slow it down. Despite being so scared going down it was awesome! So exhilarating and I would definitely do it again!!! That is something I never normally say about rides. Despite not being able to film it, I did get a video off youtube below showing another persons’ experience where you can check out to see what it was like.

Mystic Mountain Rainforest & Bobsleigh Ride


Remember to check out my Grand Cayman 2016 post!!!!


Also here is the video I put together about the whole trip with my family going on the NCL Epic in December 2016 to Great Stirrup Cay, Ochos Rios, Grand Cayman and Cozumel Mexico.

NCL Epic December 2016

Speak Soon x

Live Free…Live a Journey 


My Year of Travel 2016

Lets just say this year has been a whirlwind year!

This is just going to be an overview blog of where I have been lucky to go to this year on holiday and with my job! I will do separate blogs on the different trips in more detail and hopefully will do another blog about my ‘Life of Travel’ as I am going to go on a mission to remember all the places I have been lucky to visit…I am hoping I can remember them all….but one step at a time. (There is a little insight for you about some future blogs!)

“The World is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” St. Agustine

Family Holiday: 16th-29th March 2016

I did a 12 night cruise with my family on the Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) Epic and the main reason we went was to see my brother and fiancee who are dancers currently working on the ship. My parents, my nan and I flew from Manchester Airport to Barcelona where we boarded the ship.screen-shot-2016-12-28-at-18-22-57

We was very lucky with the weather and it was gorgeous most days, just the odd bit of rain here and there!! It was a great relaxing holiday (as on most normal family holidays we walk for miles and get lost…a great Vincent family tradition) and the main reason behind it was to catch up as a family and see the shows, plus it was my last family holiday before going off working on a cruise ship so I was enjoying my time as a guest whilst I could. I have been lucky to go to most of these places before but it was nice to go somewhere familiar and places I know I like. I fall in love with places in Europe more and more every time I go. The best thing is hunting down the best coffee shops…..another Vincent family tradition! My favourite location on this trip was Florence which was lovely having all the quaint bars, restaurants and coffee shops along the Arno River. I LOVE exploring Italy as a whole with its little streets and you never know what is around the corner..it is beautiful with a lot of history.


Work Life: 1st April-29th October 2016

This is going to be a completely different blog post about my experience travelling whilst working on a cruise ship. A 52-night Global Odyssey plus travelling from the Caribbean to Northern America/Canada….one of the best experiences of my life with many more to come! Here is an overview of all the places I got to experience……the list is pretty long!

  • Bremerhaven, Germany
  • Hamburg, Germany
  • Southampton, England
  • Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • Cherbourg, France
  • Paris (La Havre), France
  • Bruges, (Zeebrugge), Belgium
  • Gijon, Spain
  • Bilbao, Spain
  • Gibraltar, United Kingdom
  • Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy
  • Naples, Italy
  • Athens (Piraeus), Greece
  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Suez Canal (Passage)
  • Aqaba (Petra), Jordan
  • Dubai
  • Muscat, Oman
  • Cochin, India
  • Penang, Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • Ho Chi Minh City, Phu My, Vietnam
  • Hong Kong
  • Xiamen, China
  • Seoul, Incheon, South Korea
  • Tianjin, China
  • Nagasaki, Japan
  • Busan, Japan
  • San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Kings Wharf, Bermuda
  • Philipsburg, St Maarten Island, Dutch Antilles
  • New York, Cape Liberty NYC
  • Labadee, Haiti
  • Boston, Massachusetts
  • Portland, Maine
  • Bar Harbor, Maine
  • Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada
  • Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Just WOW. What a life-changing experience in just 7 months!

Munich: 24th November- 27th November 2016

Obviously after leaving my first room mate (April- end of June) on the ships I had to see her again!! So we sorted a reunion out for once we both were home as luckily our vacations fall at similar times….this time is was during the season of the Christmas Markets so we decided to visit one of the best markets in the world in MUNICH, GERMANY! I’ve never been to Munich and I honestly fell in love with the place and the people there. There was so much culture, history and beautiful architecture in the city….I felt very safe and definitely a place I would recommend going.

A few of the things we did was:

  • Experience the German nightlife.
  • Tried their traditional foods and drink.
  • Explored the Christmas Markets.
  • Watched the opening light switch on at the Christmas Markets.
  • Visited the first ever WW2 Concentration Camp Dachau.
  • Went to the Bier-und Oktoberfest museum.

We was there for 3 nights arriving late Thursday night and leaving on the Sunday afternoon. The days were jam packed full of exploring and it was great to be with Sammy again….we had a lot to catch up on as we hadn’t seen each other in over 4 months.

It was incredible and if you want to see what we did check out the video I made below where you can see just what it was like. A short but memorable experience which definitely put me in the festive spirit.

(The movie is wrong at the moment…it says October but it was November….soon will be changed)

Munich November 2016 

Family Holiday: 2nd December – 11th December

This was a random, spur of the moment booking which was extremely last minute. It was only my dad and I that flew over to Orlando, Florida to board the NCL Epic once again to visit my brother and fiancee as it was the last time I would see them before they get married in 2017. I have got to say this was an awesome cruise because of the destinations! For most of them I have never visited before so it was so exciting and totally worth it as I fell in love with the different cultures and adventures I got to experience!  I would definitely go again and luckilyscreen-shot-2016-12-28-at-19-17-28 I will be in the very near future.

Again I am going to do a separate blog post on this holiday as I did so many amazing things in a short space of time so this blog would get extremely long! Lets just say I would never have thought I would do a bobsleigh through the trees of Jamaica, climb waterfalls, be on a 15 minute ski lift above the tree tops, have a kiss, cuddle and a massage with stingrays and be knocking back different tequilas!! It was incredible but certainly not a one in a life time experience as I have more belief than ever that I will be able to do these things again plus more in the future! Anything is possible!


Hope you enjoyed this kind of overview blog of the places I have been able to travel to this year of 2016! Look out for more travel blogs in the future that will be little more in-depth about the specific places I particularly enjoyed!

“Be brave, take risks, nothing can substitute experience.”

Speak Soon x

Live Free…Live a Journey