Home Life: Rivington, Lancashire, England

When you return from travelling it really opens your eyes about what is actually around you in your home town. About a 15 minute drive away this amazing place is on my doorstep. I have never appreciated before as much as I do now, I was always the one complaining about where I live but I guess it isn’t all that bad!!! The beauty, the nature, the wildlife, the scenery is so calming, peaceful and relaxing so during the hike I took some pictures of our walking adventure. At these times I wish my dog, Shady, who was part of my life for 14 years was still alive but seeing all the lovely dogs running around happy and free made the experience even more enjoyable.

Hope you like these pictures! Now go out to somewhere different where you live and explore the different sceneries in your town! Be grateful of how lucky we are in this world.

“Always take the scenic route”





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