Grand Cayman 2016

Well two of the places I fell in love with during the holiday I went on in December 2016 (see post “My Year of Travel 2016“) was Ochos Rios (Spanish for ‘Eight Rivers’) in Jamaica and Grand Cayman Island, the largest of the three Cayman Islands. In addition to the fact they are both beautiful places, the adventures I experienced were incredible plus it was my first time in either of these places. Definitely on my bucket list to return to both and create further memorable experiences. Check out my Ochos Rios Jamaica 2016 blog post here.

Grand Cayman

To get to Grand Cayman from the cruise ship we had to get a tender boat. We had no set plans of what we were going to do that day so we got off as soon as we could to make the most of it and make sure we had enough time to do anything. All I knew about the place was that I could swim with stingrays so that was top of the list!!! Once we got to island there were so many people selling their stingray tours so we booked on for around $40 each which was pretty cheap and totally worth it as it was an awesome tour lasting all day!

We had an hour to kill before the tour left so we walked around the port area which was filled with shops, restaurants and cafes…perfectly ideal. The place we were specifically at was Georgetown and it had a lot of similarities to Hamilton in Bermuda including the buildings and the fact they drive on the left-hand side of the road like England. In this hour we just grabbed a coffee plus did our traditional Harley Davidson visit which was coincidently at the port.

Once we left with the tour we arrived at another mariner about 15-20 minutes away to meet our captain and tour guide, as we then travelled on a small yacht for about 30 minutes to an enormous sand bed casually in the middle of the ocean. Then we got there and the tour guide was casually like ‘jump in’…..erm WHAT! There are hundreds of stingrays around!!! They were enormous too!!! These things killed Steve Irwin!! So so crazy thinking about it and we all did!!! He told us about the stingrays’ where they casually swam towards us and around us. I casually got a hug, kiss and a massage from a stingray…..never thought I would say that!!! I was hesitant at first but we were there for about 45 minutes and I have now fallen in love with them. They are actually such loveable creatures and in a weird way, when I was up close with the stingrays, they are actually so cute!

So then I thought that was the end of the tour and we was going back….but no!! We went to another place where we could go snorkelling which was awesome to see the beautiful reefs plus some fish and more stingrays. It was pretty funny though as the current got so strong and people were struggling to get back to the yacht haha! Including my Dad! I was fine as I am a strong swimmer so it was a relief to see my dad was making his way back as I was panicking about him haha! After 30 minutes we made our way back and the journey really made me reflect on how lucky I am to experience these amazing adventures, see the world and interact with wildlife and nature. It is beautiful the place, the ocean is so clear and blue, plus the people are all so friendly! Hands down it was one of my best experiences and now I want to adopt a stingray…..typical.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post. Check out the video below of our time in Grand Cayman and you can see what the stingrays were really like!!!

Grand Cayman 2016




Also here is the video I put together about the whole trip with my family going on the NCL Epic in December 2016 to Great Stirrup Cay, Ochos Rios, Grand Cayman and Cozumel Mexico.

NCL Epic December 2016

Speak Soon x

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